Winthrop Rockefeller Interested in Dixie Beauty; Farley Granger, Shelly Winters Soon to Wed

Walter Winchell

St. Petersburg Times/September 19, 1951

Winthrop Rockefeller’s new Southern Comfort is gorgeous Lee Sanderson of Shelby, North Carolina . . . The son of Mexican Pres. Aleman hasn’t been the same since meeting Starlet-Pat Hawks. Her mother is ex-cinema pet Bessie Love . . . Farley Granger and Shelley Winters insist they’ll make it official in Paris this month  . . . The Jack Toppings have reconciled. Doing the Mediterranean on a chartered Yot  . . . The Jake LaMottas’ 3rd blessed event is on the Way . . . Glamazon Natalie Thompson wings to Reno this week to blue-pencil Mr. Big at “17” mag . . . Lovely Betty Rodgers, daughter of the great melody man, and socialite Chilton Ryan (of The Station-Wagon Set) have decided they are Too Young . . . Mira Stefan, in the line at “Two on the Aisle,” may elope with Park Avenue’s Dr. A. Bruce Vernay . . . J. P. Kennedy, the Zillionaire, says he isn’t the angel for the West Pointers at Notre Dame. His kin reportedly so informed Hyannis, Mass., neighbors  . . . Truman says the nation is richer since he became President. We dunno about the country—but Truman’s friends certainly are.

The Int’l Set: Londoners here for the fight reported that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor will not be divorced because The Church of England doesn’t recognize divorce. Also that no divorced person “may set foot in The Royal House” . . . The reason Paul Robeson visits London so often is the kin of a member of that tribe . . . Princess Margaret Rose’s favorite hide-away is La Belle Menniere, a tiny joint in Soho . . . Maria Montez, who died the other day in Paris, wrote several depressed letters to intimates over here just before her death . . . Gloria Swanson’s dghtr Michele devastated the heart of Prince Henri D’ Auvergne when she decided on Bob Amon, the Turkish thrush with an American band in Paree . . . The cops are putting the heat on Lewdies of the Eve’g.

Ingrid Bergman’s ex, Dr. Peter Lindstrom, and Aline Mosby (the newspaper gel) are making with Their Own Skewp . . . But so are Mark Roberts of the show, “Stalag 17,” and Elizabeth Toomey of United Press  . . . The J. Wades (Pamela Curran) of The 400 are making it 401   . . . Judy Garland and producer F. Finklehoffe are plotting what at Chez Vito every midnight? . . . Connie Dowling of the picture-shows has Alf Ryder (the teevy leading man) forgetting his cues . . . Patricia Farrell (now being melted from photographer Murray Korman) blends with George Kaye any day. The wedding photos will be taken by her ex-gloom . . . Randy Turpin was champ for just 9 weeks—and 9 rounds.

The Washington Wire: Informed people see no change in policies with Gen. Marshall’s resignation. Robert Lovett was the real boss at The Dept. of Defense for the past year . . . Three top Red union chiefs will soon be indicted for swearing they are not Communists under the Taft – Hartley law . . . Walter Wheeler (of Whitney-Bowes) is the 4th man to reject the job of Smaller Defense Plants administrator . . . The mere possession of a slot machine in the Dist. Of Columbia is now a federal offense. That’s a warning to certain night spots there . . . The rebuilt White House will have 24 bedrooms and ditto private baths . . . Prof. Thomas Emerson of Yale Law School (and Pres. Of The Nat’l Lawyers Guild) will argue pre-trial motions for the 17 Red leaders in N. Y. . . . John Maragon may serve only 6 of his 18 months. Getting out by Yuletide.

Middleweight Champion Sugar Ray Robinson offers his gloves (in the Turpin fight) to the highest bidder. The coin going to the Runyon Cancer Fund, which has rec’d $5,303,629.36 to date from Mr. and Mrs. 48 . . . Allocations: $4,334,284 . . . No expenses ever deducted from the donor’s dollar . . . Charles Addams, our favorite laugh – provoker (in. The New Yorker), and actress Rosemary Pettit are a new Gogi’s Laruemance . . . Frank Albertson (of “Seventeen”), rushed to a hosp with a feared heart condition, has only 4 broken vertebrae. Doesn’t recall any accident. Never a bow-stealer? . . . Nancy Blaine (of the McCormick Harvester mint) and Gil Harrison (chief of American Vets Comm.) have Chicago ahemming . . . They say ex-Cong. Vito Marcantonio will take over running The Daily Worker, which is considering a new name when it moves to Harlem.

The news recently that the entire nerve centre of The Communist Party has moved to Harlem (125th between 5th and Lenox) missed the main reason for the switch . . . There are 9 of these key groups in all. Each has quarters in that street. The purpose is to prepare an all-out drive to enlist the American Negro .  . . Harlem, they figure, is the logical base. Previous attempts flopped but this drive is something special – a big offensive backed by a mint . . . The real boss of the Reds over here now is a lawyer, whose name has never been spotlighted . . . From the West Indies . . . He is supervising this campaign . . . Initials: W. P.

(Source: Google News,,1461988)

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