Turks Near Constantinople

Ernest Hemingway

Toronto Daily Star/October 9, 1922

Constantinople.-Turkish forces today withdrew from Ismed in the neu­tral zone, it was announced here.

The above dispatch should probably read that the Turks have with­drawn from the Ismed neutral zone. In the following dispatch it is said that General Harington had warned Ismet Pasha that a withdrawal must be made.

Constantinople.-Kemalist forces were within a day’s march of Constan­tinople, on the Asiatic side of the Bosporus, as the Allied general met lsmet Pasha at Mudania in a renewed effort to untangle the Near Eastern problem today.

Turkish cavalry have reached Shileh and Yarmise, both places far within the neutral zone near the Bosporus at the right of the Sea of Marmora. Yarmise is within a day’s march of Constantinople. The cavalry is also nearing Karayakobi, which is in the same area.

It was reported during the night that Turkish irregulars had appeared yesterday afternoon a short distance from Beikos, in the hills on the Asiatic side of the Bosporus. Beikos is a suburb of Constantinople. The British are entrenching around Beikos.

Turkish irregulars and small bands of guerrillas and bandits, which frequently form the advance guard of a Turkish army, have appeared in small villages east of Constantinople. These villages include Tashkeupsu, Tavshanjik, Omarli, Afga and Armudli, all within the suburban limits of Constantinople on the Asiatic side.

The British yesterday made final preparations for defense, blowing up bridges and crossroads.

A British destroyer anchored Sunday at Shileh on the Black Sea coast. The commander went ashore, met the Nationalist officer there and re­quested him to withdraw his forces.

The Turk replied that he has orders to remain, whereupon the British commander declared he also would re­main, and kept to his anchorage close in shore.

It is reported that an entire Turkish division has entered the neutral zone and General Harington is said to have warned Ismet Pasha that unless the Kemalists withdraw he may be obliged to make a military demonstration on the Turkish Banks. The Kemalist representative is said to have promised that the advance shall cease, and that the incident will not be repeated.

As a measure of protection for Constantinople, General Harington ordered suspension of ferry service across the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara. There are said to be 12,500 Christians now in the Ismid zone outside the British lines, while many thousands more are within the lines, having been removed to a camp at Moda, directly across from Constan­tinople.

The Turk concentration in the neutral zone in the vicinity of Chanak is also continuing. In this area, infantry have replaced cavalry, which is taken to mean that the Turks intend to dig in to hold their positions.

(Source: Dateline: Toronto. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1985)

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