Religious Intelligence

San Francisco News Letter/April 18, 1868

THE Pacific Gospel Herald has a long article on “How Muskrats Swim Under the Ice.” We mildly protest against the religious papers treating these momentous questions, for it invests them with a peculiar sanctity, and ever thereafter the secular press must abstain from their discussion, to the unspeakable detriment of every public interest

REV. F. BUEL has been lecturing on the “Manuscripts of the Bible.” He did not produce them. The Times says his audiences were no such as he deserved. Let him try again, among the Shoshones.

THE TENDENCY of the present era is to sift everything to the bottom. * * * * Reader are you a sifter?—Spectator.

We are. We “panned out” fifty number of the Spectator and had out trouble for our pains. It was not “pay dirt.”

IMPORTANT RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY—The Times says the existence of the Jews proves the authenticity of the Pentateuch. We say it don’t.

BISHOP KIP has been discoursing on “The Intermediate State.” He is practically qualified to discuss any state intermediate between idiocy and downright insanity.

DR. SCUDDER has in preparation a course of lectures on the Book of Esther. This intelligence is of general interest.—Bulletin.

We hope the lectures may be of general interest. The doctor himself is not.

ELDER KNAPPP preached last Saturday on “Enthusiasm.” His audience did not feel it. He thus predicts the final extinction of the faith he professes. “The time is coming when every man and woman will be thoroughly educated.”

THE TEMPERANCE LEGION will meet at its headquarters as usual. Best wines and liquors at the bar.

REV. MARK TWAIN preached at Platt’s Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Subject: “The Holy Land.”

(Source: California State Library, Microfilm Collection)