Pegler Says GURU Letters Place Roosevelt In Bad Light For Having Henry Wallace As Vice President

Westbrook Pegler

Rapids Daily Herald/September 27, 1948


The authenticity of the Goofy Guru letters seems to be fairly well established and with it an appalling guilt of F. D. Roosevelt in placing Henry Wallace in the office of Vice-President of the United States. The guilt of his wife, Eleanor the Great, may have been less grievous at the time that she stepped forth as Bubblehead’s protector and actually threw herself between him and the roaring mob just after his nomination at the 1940 Democratic Convention in Chicago. She may not have known then the story of Wallace’s implication in the oriental sect of which Nicholas Roerich was the Guru.

If not, however, the vaunted secret services of the treasury and the Department of Justice are greatly overrated. They should have known all about this fantastic and dangerous adventure of a driveling simpleton and there was surely no excuse for their failure to notify Roosevelt, or if they knew, for Roosevelt to put Wallace in nomination. The other Democratic bosses and directors, Felix Frankfurter, Ed Flynn, Harry Hopkins, Jim Farley and Charles Michelson, the party press agent, all should have known. Their mere denials that they did not know strain the belief of the most trusting person. Michelson apparently lied when he wrote in his memoirs that the letters were “of doubtful authenticity.” He was a wise, all knowing old gossip and an absolutely cynical political hireling. This is the only matter in which I have ever doubted the word of Jim Farley. I don’t believe he wasn’t aware of Wallace’s secret monkey-shines with the cult. After all he had been chairman of the Democratic National Committee and this position has private lines of information and rumor in addition to the firm reports from the secret political agencies of the government. These men all permitted the people of the United States to elect Vice-President a man who might have proclaimed a holocaust of revolution to change the form of government, according to intimations contained in the Goofy Guru letters. Roosevelt’s guilt was the worst, but he had partisan accomplices in keeping the truth from the people who had a patriotic duty to warn them.

What sort of president would a man have made who was crazy enough to sit down and write such a letter as this:


“Do you remember the little wisp of a man for whom you had pity? He was in the other day with a vision which he does not know how to interpret. He dreamed he was talking with WO (meaning Roosevelt, whom Wallace referred to as the Wavering One in his letters to other members of the cult) whose face was, for the moment, obscured. He looked closely and was amazed to see that instead of eyes there was swirling black smoke. And out of the mouth came swirling black smoke. May the glory of the Lord blaze forth for all to see.”


Another on the subject of dreams says:


“On the way South I dreamed of the those friends together at a meeting when suddenly the gentle numerologist became aware of a tiger, an ancient enemy. His fear communicated itself. It was not fear for himself but for another and began to divert attention from the other. The peril passed. It was, in a way, a repetition of another dream I heard about not long since.”


On the question of authenticity, I can assure you that the person who received these letters and has preserved them to this day has other letters which, as it were, surround these with probability. They disclose a personality all confused and babbling strangely about dreams, Christianity, Buddhism, magic and purifying fires, and “yearning to go the heights of the east.” The letters spoke of black forces and the great ones and of a seeking of Agni Yogi, described by books on oriental religion as the fire god, having two faces, three legs and seven arms. They spoke of great forces which were working their will through the personality of Roosevelt and contemplated without evident objection of a descent of America into “the purifying fires.”

(Source: Google News)