On Broadway

Walter Winchell

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/April 2, 1940

Man About Town

F.D. R.’s “cold” is intestinal flu, but the danger has passed! He blames it on the White House air-conditioning, which he abhors . . . Vincent Astor may inherit Edison’s Sec’y of the Navy post, but don’t bet against Tommy Corcoran getting it . . . Those most happy about Senator Carter Glass’ recovery are his devoted sister and Mary Meade of Amhearst, Va. The diamond watch on Mrs. Meade’s pretty wrist is a lovely gift . . . Ethel Waters of “Mamba’s Daughters” and Richard Wright, author of the best seller, “Native Son,” are in high! He’s a leader of the intelligentsia in the Mahogany-skinned set . . . Carmen Miranda is madly in love with Aluisio, who strums a gittar in her rumband . . . But when “Streets of Paris” fades she will wed a doctor in Rio.

Margo departs for Mexico soon. Francis Lederer, her groom, will holiday in Canada. They have a business deal reason for retarding the divorce . . . Diosa Costelio of “Too Many Girls” has reconciled with her secret husband, Rolando, an ex-busboy . . . Both The New Yorker and the Esseepee are coming out soon with profeels on Dot Thompson. Is she that good? . . . Mary Heberden, the snob of “Lady in Waiting,” writes detective stories on the side . . . John Gunther’s new play will be christened: “The Yankee Clipper,” a thrilling theme . . . It is whispered the gold sent to France from Poland before the Hitlerogues could steal it—was shipped on an American vessel—the crew practically being shanghaied . . . Coast reporters asked Woollcott what he thought of Oscar Levant. “There’s nothing the matter with him,” he replied, “that a miracle won’t cure.”

Edgar Prochnik, the last Minister from Austria, got plenty of Yankee sympathy when Hitler thefted his country . . . The col’m knows that very high Dep’t of Justicers (not the FBI!) are amused because their files show Prochnik is systematically promoting good-will for Adolf’s grabs . . . The Dep’t of Justicers have found an even more potent weapon to nail bad characters than the income tax law: They’ve discovered an appeal-proof twist in the mail-fraud statute—and you don’t have to write a letter to have it apply! . . . One of the first to feel its teeth may be a New York Congressman . . . Fritz Thyseen, the industrialist who originally backed Hitler into power, isn’t on the outs with him as the publicity wants you to believe. His clever press agents here and abroad are known by the State Dep’t and Thyssen is believed to be getting priceless information playing his “part.”

Spencer Tracy will be attacked on the Senate floor by Senator Neely, who’ll accuse the actor of using his charm for lobbying purposes . . . The Samuel (N.Y. Post) Graftons are Papoosing . . . When La Hepburn enters the Stork club, the crew strikes up “K-K-K-Katy!”—the cue for the other celebs to stop showing off . . . A big story is due to break all over St. Luke’s Hosp. The nurses may strike or revolt over the trustees’ failure to adopt an 8-hour schedule . . . The tieup between the Brownsville mob and the Lepke Lilies has been made indisputably evident to the G-Men and local cops. By the fact that lawyers are representing interests of both cases . . . Francesca Verdi, grandotter of the famous composer, has been missing for two weeks from her Brooklyn home—and the gendarmes report they have lost the trail . . . 3rd Term Hint?: FDR Jr. was heard to say: “I’ll go anywhere on pop’s campaign but I can’t take mother’s lecture tours!”

N.Y. State Court of Appeals will hand down the Jimmy Hines decision either at the end of April or in early May. The earliness will come as a surprise to lawyers . . . Poland’s Ambassador Potocki is going to Reno, chums insist. He plans to next marry Forbes Morgan’s widow . . . The real reason Stokowski is feuding with the Theater Authority is that its agent shouted at him: “How do you know? Some day they may have to run a benefit for you, and then you will need us!” . . . Marianne O’Brien and John (Versailles) Boggiano have divided—so that she can concentrate on Alexis Thompson, the rich eye-washer . . . Marianne’s uncle is the wealthy George Hencil, Lancaster, Pa., steel socialite . . . 300 children (all under 13) from a downtown settlement house choked traffic trying to get into the Roxy Theater—to see “Primrose Path”!

Alice Fave’s full page photo in Modern Screen has a caption which scolds and deprecates the “gossips who dared” predict the divorce. Haw! Tony Martin’s heaviest dating last week was with Ann Graham—three nights in a row . . . Al Jolson’s contract for the new show is with Lee Shubert only. Jake mustn’t come near the rehearsals or anything! . . . Harold Lloyd may film Pearson and Allen’s comic strip hero, “Hap Hopper,” demon reporter . . . Several British authors are here by orders of British Intelligence to win Yankee favor. One is Richard Aldington, the novelist, whose “Rejected Guest” is due in the fall . . . Torchiest song of the year, perhaps, will be Shirely Ross’ ballad in the musical “Higher and Higher,” christened. “It Never Entered My Mind”—but it does and stays in it . . . Mario and La Conga are divorced so he can give all his passion to “The Hurricane.”

The Japanese Ambassador has requested his gov’t to recall him. He feels his presence in Washington does not promote peace between U.S. and Nippon, as the headline writers say when they mean Japan . . . La Hepburn became an aunty on March 23rd when a seven pound lad came to her sister and groom at Hartford Hosp . . . Jimmy Durante’s wife is seriously sick again—that explains his Coast to Coast flight. He stayed with her until his last spare moment—returning for the “Keep Off the Grass” rehearsals . . . Unless a Brooklyn mother hears from her daughter (now in the Earl Carroll show on the Coast) there may be a Page 1 mess. A femme talent scout is involved . . . Archduke Otto of Austria lost his breath over Ruth Erco, a Polish lovely of Indianapolis, last week . . . The Rev. Lash, a negro minister, won the Pot O’ Gold’s $1,000 cash the other day, but creditors swooped down and took it all. Peace, Brother!

Wynnelle Russell, the Powersiren, and Paul Baron the NBC maestro, will wed this month . . . The Cissie Patterson-Mary Johnson feud is raging in Washington. The word “poulette” may wind up in the libel courts . . . Is Anita putting a story over on the columns? The law in Miami chucked 10 injunctions against night spots, including The Royal Palm Club, the breeziest there . . . Last Laugh Dep’t: A book firm that went out of its way to publish lies about some of us—has sunk to the tune of $178,000 which is too bad, huh? . . . The Wm Steigs, he’s the cartoonist, expect some Small Fry . . . Art Jarrett and Mary Brian are still playing the love scenes although their show closed . . . Rudy V’s latest is Doris McCuen . . . Overheard in the Stork: “The way that Nick Kenny enjoys himself you’d think he was syndicated” . . . Another wonderful thing about the U.S.A.—The Gov’t keeps the opposition on their toes—instead of on their knees.

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