On Broadway

Walter Winchell

Spartanburg Herald/March 22, 1940

Dear Mr. Col’m: Margaret Mitchell, who auth’d “Gone, etc.” says the producers of the flick did not send her a bonus of $50,000 as reported and would we say so? The rumor has been widely published, she added, causing her great annoyance. It is true Mr. Selznick offered her his Academy award, but she declined it because “it rightfully belongs to him.” . . . The London Daily Mail’s correspondent called. Said thanks, “extremely obliged” . . . Ditto J.E.H. for “nailing some more of the smear lies” . . . S.H.P. Pell of 1115 Fifth Avenue phoned. Said the protests over the name “Hicktown News-Press” amused him. He thought, he added, the country had got over being self-conscious . . . Elinson phoned. Said most mothers tell their babies that if they’re good they’ll grow up to be President. But Dewey doesn’t want to wait until he grows up! The Dies Committee will soon make a national joke of J.McW., et al.

Lenore Uric says thanks but she isn’t weary, never felt better in her exciting career . . . Wilma Cox’s beau isn’t any milk firm exec at all. Her “heart” isn’t angry—he says he is glad you mentioned the Persian Room . . . Say, whadda people expect for 2 cents anyhow? . . . Bugs Baer helped me with your query. He says a man did a rube column 40 years ago in Boston. Frank Sullivan did The Bingville Bulge in the old Sunday World. F.P.A. called his “Gotham Gleanings,” but our hicky stuff isn’t anything like them because we offer “news”—which makes it different.

John T. McManus resigns April 1st as radio editor of Time to join the staff of “P.M.” in a similar post . . . Well, I’ve discovered a local who never heard of us. He is N. S. Olds of a Greenwich Village gazette who columns: “What we’d like to know where the Confucius Say epidemic started? Who wrote the first wise-clack in the series? Did it start with Carl Crow’s Master Kung’ character? . . . Oh, the heck with him! . . . The latest around town is: “Little Audrey is  sore at Confucius for alienating the public’s affections” . . . Incidentally, Dr. Lin Yulang, the Chinese philosopher, in an interview says: “A cocktail party is a place where you talk to people you don’t know about things in which neither you nor they are interested” . . . The response is wonderful on the London Daily Mail story. Franchot Tone says thanks for making it all clear to him. Do you suppose the London Mail ran it?

Jackie Gateley, of “Streets of Paris” can’t understand how Mrs. Roosevelt invited her to tea. Jackie first thought it was a gag. Then somebody told her Mrs. R. likes interesting people. She’s thrilled no end . . . The blind paragraph in the last Heartbeat col’m was most appreciated over where that phooof works. I mean the person who had that cabbie’s license revoked . . . The only thing they didn’t like about your story was that you omitted the grouch’s name . . . Donald Friede is now doing a book column for the H’wood Reporter—which should help the studios find better picture themes . . . The Calypso Entertainers’ latest recording is “G-Man Hoover,” a honey . . . Wonder how those dopes feel now who had to confirm the Dolores Del Rio separation, after denying it so often?

Good jobs are waiting for single men between 18 and 35 at the Army Air Corps at Chanute Field, Rantoul, Ill. Uncle Sam actually pays wages just to learn subjects dealing with aviation there . . . Songwriter Joe Young’s widow may wed Jacques Gruenberg, the composer . . . Alvin Hamburg called. Says Hitler announced “God is on my side!” . . . Alvin adds: “Susan and God”? . . . Watch out for a big story from Dallas, Texas. It concerns a member of the Wm. Morris Agency here, who will be sued by his relatives, also in the dance band booking biz . . . Connie Bennett blocked pedestrian traffic when she dined in a 3rd Ave., beanery the other night. A coast producer escorted . . . Ben Grauer of NBC and Dinah Shore, the canary, are cooing.

Just heard why the MGM commissary calls it Executive chicken soup” . . . It doesn’t mean an executive is chopped up in it. It means white meat. The dark meat is for the actors . . . Norman Bel Geddes’ wife, Frances, who was so ill for two years, is well again, for which good . . . Moss Hart and Edith Atwater (the leading lady in “Dinner”) are having their desert together, again . . . Remember when they denied that the Radio City ice rink would become a roller-skating spot? Well, it does about April 25th . . .  The chain-letter nuisance is having a big revival-with golf balls instead of coins! I dunno why, I just work here, mister . . . Vinton Freedley, Jr. (son of the girl show producer) is more interested in Socialite Nancy Mae Woodbury than any of his pop’s gorgeous stars.

Airplane makers are filled with praise for the efficiency of the French mission, but are unable to savvy why the English are so slow. The latter waited until 3 weeks after the embargo was lifted before making up their minds. Materials are being bought by both missions which won’t be delivered for two years! . . . It looks like a strange alliance between France and Italy. Ramon Navarro left to make a film in Rome, but it will have a French producer, director, script—in fact everything will be French but the locale . . . Did you know that Marlene Dietrich’s husband works in the New York office of Universal Pictures in its foreign dep’t? . . . Wonder why he stands for all those items linking her with this Hollywood wolf and that one?

Why don’t editors find out the real purpose of the visit to the U.S. of Hitler’s first backer, the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha? He says he’s here for the German Red Cross . . . Could he be here to get sorely needed foreign exchange? . . . I like this picturesque reportage by Pertinax, the French commentator. Speaking of the Allies namby-pambyness regarding Finland and Poland, he said: “A gentleman at grips with a furious butcher does not expect to keep his Mayfair manners” . . . Maury Paul wants to know if you have the sleeves of your coat pressed? Is that an insult or a space-filler? . . . Blanche Ring says she is still married to Charles Winninger, no matter what people say . . . The McClelland Barelay-Mardee Hoff romance is an again. She’s the model . . . The night club biz is as dull as night club conversation. One of the so-called clicks in the E. 50’s is posing as a success. Diamond Horsehoe and LaConga are farthest from the red. Havana Madrid is steady . . . The Beechcomber has settled down to routine trade. The Cotton Club needs a hypo . . . The Stork never used its mailing list so much before. La Martinique is so-so, but rates encouragement, 52nd Street is bleh and the laugh around town is the loss of $110,000 in cash by those ultra-wiseguys Jack and Charlie of 31 in a West Coast oil venture!—Your Girl Friday.


(Source: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=SFOYbPikdlgC&dat=19400322&printsec=frontpage&hl=en)