Man About Town

Walter Winchell

Spartanburg Herald/April 9, 1942

The Lieut. John Bulkeleys (his torpedoboat heroics in the Pacific were cited) are imaging any moment . . . The Abe Simons are threeing. He’s the heavyweight, who became Champ Joe Louis’ 21sy kayo . . . Mary Kirk Brown, etc., etc., etc., confirms the talk she is in Florida to divorce her 5th groom . . . Diana Barrymore and actor Bramwell Fletcher will be knotted on June 12th . . . A famed music critic was picked up by the FBI in a Sands Street spot (near the Navy Yard B’klyn) for being too familiar with bluejackets . . . The Madeleine Webb (Sutton murder case) diary is too hot for the newspapers without editing. The Groucho Marx divorce matter is due any edition, although they are seen dining together a lot . . . Their intimates still contend that Stirling Harden and Madeleine Carroll are actually wed, but are keeping it a professional secret . . . Wonder why Dot Thompson refused to sup at the same table with Soniar Tamariva (her ex-colleague on the H-Tribune) at the Princeton Club affair the other eve?

Remember Congressman Clare Hoffman (of Mich.) who blasted us on the floor of Congress recently? Alleging we wore a uniform at the microphones, which we never did . . . Well, according to the gazettes, his secretary (Helen Boyer) was among witnesses questioned by Prosecutor Wm. Power Maloney before the Federal Grand Jury (Washington) the other day. The paper reported: “She is believed to have told the jury that she authorized Fish’s sec’y—Hill—(and Viereck’s fixer) to mail out 30,000 copies of a speech by Hoffman” . . . When any of those birds yell for us to be removed from the air—you can bet on it—they are scared of something being told to the public. We never worry. We know why they are always afraid.

Insiders are trying to check the talk that Marshall Field is interested in buying The Blue Network . . . Lambert Fairchild, the administration critic, etc., is a looker-outer for enemy planes on the Empire State bldg . . . Barbara Evans and Lex Thopson had a row over $300 the other night. Listeners say it was a rowdy-dowdy tiff over a wage  . . . The Jack Kirklands (Haila Stoddard) are babying again . . . Suzanne Rowe has Billy Halop hollering Hal-op . . . They are saying that if Requested (the Derby horse) doesn’t run, one of the Winter Book authors stands to coin a mint . . . A few more squawks about men in uniform being clipped in a certain 52nd Street joint is going to get them all shut down. Padding checks, etc.

Warning to chumps: Myron Weiss, former Times mag medicine man, warns that digitalis, a favorite of the cowards, will wreck the heart more than any sort of service. Thyroid tablets will kill them as quickly as a bullet and Benzedrine can turn them into narcotic addicts. The newest drug the yellow-at-heart have found is dinitrolphenal—once used for reducing. It brings down their weight—below military standard—but can also blind them!

They are still trying to find out who pasted a “Poison” label on each dish served to Eugene Lyons, the American Mercury editor (and anti-Red) at the Overseas Press Club affair last month . . . When Litvinov spoke . . . On the Casa Italia (a bldg. in the Columbia U. sector) there is a foreign phrase which, in sum, says “Let us look to Italy for guidance” . . . Edward Thevor (he replaced V. Mature in the G. Lawrence show) has been linked with Lynn Hancock. Peggy Conrad, Susan De Pinna, Carol Marcus and Viv Stokes, but he will marry Mona Paulee on July 8th. She won the Met Opera edition . . . Pat Rooney, 3rd. starts divorce proceedings against Janet Reade, former Ziegfeld star, at Concord, N.H. Toosdee . . . Do you wanna be a Nurse’s aide? Well, they need 10,000 of them. Apply at Civilian Defense Volunteer Office, 420 Lexington Ave. The campaign is national.

Elizabeth Dilling, according to newspapers, says we slandered her for reporting the March 1st allegations made by her husband in a Chicago divorce court. In his first complaint, he alleged she was a user of drugs and was an habitual drunkard . . . After we reported the court record—he filed an amended complaint withdrawing those charges. On that she bases her complaint against us . . . The other day one newspaper reported that he said he withdrew those allegations “because of the children” . . . On April 3rd, a newspaper reported “Albert Dilling swore in Superior Court that his wife frequently got drunk in the presence of their children and that she was almost constantly intoxicated and filled in sober periods by doping herself with sleeping tablets  . . . “ The “Diliv” is an associate of the just-arrested-on-sedition charges smelly Pelley . . . ho, hum.

Bernice Stewart, the ice skating glammer-gal, becomes the bride of a Chicago attorney in May . . . Charlie Ryan of The Smoothies is expected to claim Thelma Hilgers as his next bride . . . Now that the Charlie Barnetts have been melted, his arm decorations is Lenore what’s-the-last-name-again?  . . Jimmy Walker, the former mayor, thinks Maggi McNellis, the singer, is soo veddy nize . . . Gloria Youngblood didn’t get her alimony from fight manager Eduardo Meade . . . A Park Central ciggie gal is seen around the best sports after hours, dolled up in furs and gens—but lots! . . . Patti Cranford, sister of Lt. Cmdr. C.B. Cranford, is wearing the betrothal ring of Flight Leftenant Wm. Bridgewood, RAF. Patti warbles at Club 18 . .  The Circus’ first performance will split the coin among Army, Navy and Infantile Relief  . . . The Miami Navy Relief show got over $30,000.

The President told newspapermen to create a new phrase to replace “World War II” because it doesn’t emphasize what the Democracies are fighting for, etc. . . . While we all know it should be called “Hitler’s War”—all of us are in it—so that it will go down in history as “The People’s Peace.”

Stockholder George E. Wanderman has filed a suit in U.S. District Court (Phila.) against the Satevpost and its directors. To enjoin them from pursuing its policies. And to withhold salaries of management until the suit is disposed of. The further object of it is to ascertain and determine the damage caused to stockholders by “the Un-American policies” through advertising and circulation losses. Archibald Palmer, N.Y. attorney, is representing the petitioner . . . Why is U.S. Attorney General Biddle (who finally gave in to severe criticism from coast to coast), so reluctant to publicize the names of alien enemies arrested by G-Men? . . . 8,000 have been collared since Dec. 7 . . . The public is entitled to know the names of those unfriendly to the gov’t . . . What you are wearing this Easter isn’t nearly so important as the chains you’re not wearing.

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