On Broadway

Walter Winchell

Spartanburg Herald/March 20, 1940

Director George Stevens, linked often (by the paragraphers) with Ginger Rogers, has reconciled with his wife . . . Mrs. Jack Dempsey (Hannah Williams) has definitely decided to resume her stage career. She will not use the champ’s name in the act she’s rehearsing now . . . Robert Ripley’s niece, Louise, becomes Mrs. George Dickerson in June. He is chief inspector for the Pratt Whitney airplane plant . . . The youngest of the Rockefeller clan, David, wishes Will Rogers’ daughter, Mary, would say the word . . . Watch for another New York court scandal. It concerns a man who was given a suspended sentence, who was not in court when he was tried. He was in a Queens cell at the time . . . Editors overlooking Franchot Tone’s real romance are muffing a beaut. She is Anne Falvo, due the 23rd at the St. Moritz, a 20-year-old version of Heddy Lamarr.


Jae Lewis, scion of one of Philly’s First Families, and Audrey Palmer of the “DuBarry” show, are on fire, but his tribe is trying to extinguish it. Jae works as a staff designer for Eaves, the theatrical costumers. Watch the smoke, his family will battle it . . . N. Y. Life has offered the post of pres to Gov. Harrison of the Federal Reserve Bank To start when the government probe ends . . . The Boro President Palmas of Richmond have exploded . . . Langdon Post, the former N.Y. Housing Commish, and Margaret Solomon, a home girl, will announce their betrothal soon . . . Two of the “DuBarry” chorus men slugged it out backstage while the show was on the other night . . . That “Honeymoon Isle” publicity stunt which landed in newspapers everywhere, was conceived by a New York girl named Chace Conley of 1270 Sixth Avenue.


Aimee Semple MacPherson’s daughter, Roberta, will marry H. Salter of the Hobby Lobby program in the spring . . . Ed Wynn’s second wife, Frieda Mierse, and M. Mayer, who designed Grace Moore’s film costumes, are a new duet . . . Jack Lynch was rushed to Philly from Miami very ill . . . Damon Runyon is bedded again . . . A prominent deb will be named correspondent in the divorce action against a German broker . . . W. Paxton, a Life photogger, will soon demonstrate a robot plane to Uncle Sam. He will fly it unoccupied (by radio) from here to Cleveland . . . George Fitz the exec milkman and thrust Wilma Cox of the Persian Room are tweet-tweet. They say he’s fit to be tied until she’s tied to be Fitz! . . . “Smart” Detroit money is offering 6 to 1 against Vandenburgh getting the Republican nomination, and 12 to 1 against his winning the election. We’er laffing already . . . Victor Moore’s next role in “Louisiana Purchase” will be a traversity on Governor Dickinson of Michigan!


Two former child stars, now husband and wife, have been living in a small furnished room with only doughnuts to eat. They are Peggy Montgomery Ayres (once the famous Baby Peggy, who earned almost $250,000 before retirement) and Gordon Ayres, one of the original members of the “Our Gang” comedies. The other day we confused her with Baby Marie Osborne, who once banked 5 Gs weekly. It’s the Osborne girl, not Baby Peggy, who is a stand-in now for Polly Moran at RKO . . . Robert Cullen Young, an actor last in “The American Way” recently hitch-hiked to Hollywood. He bought the Ayres couple breakfast with his last dollar. Mr. Ayres just landed a bartender job which restocks their cupboard, while Baby Peggy and Young look for a screen job. Surely the Hollywood casters will do something about these people????


Babs Hutton’s ex, Count von Reventlow, is comforting Mrs. Max Ausschnitt, wife of the sentenced Rumanian munitions king—on the Riviera . . . Richard Haydn and Brenda Forbes, of “Two for the Show,” are ignited . . . A number of prominent New York lawyers have grouped to suggest legislation (for the first time) to protect anything original. What! And put a lotta colyumeers outta work? . . . Jim Reynolds of the Coq Rouge crew, and Jean Moorehead of “DuBarry” will be riveted around the time the N. Y. Yanks are winning the Worlds Series again. Mrs. Crater’s lawyer is readying a ten million stockholders action against a famed steel company . . . M. Berle is spending coin freely for long distance calls to Lorraine Lloyd of the Royal Palm show at Miami . . .  The E. Holtz crew starts at the Stork club early in April. The traders are most excited about Glenn Martin plane stock—a plus-marker.


The lowdown from Havana is that Batista is shelving the Commys and lining up with General Menocal, arch-conservative and hero of the Upper Classes. Menocal bears no love for Batista, however, and may be making the move to weaken his chances . . . Howard Johnson, the restaurant man (he has 134) will open fifty new ones in and around New York within 18 months . . . Firms which moved up town in the boom days to get away from Wall Street’s high rents are moving back there since rentals are lower than in midtown . . . The actors union just forced the booking agents to pay them a $50 fee to book members—first time any agent paid anything to an actor . . . Mrs. David Stern of Philly, now owns St. Nicholas mag. A syndicate will sub-divide F. Ziegfeld’s Hastings estate, so expect a war up there over the plan.


Theodora Roosevelt, niece of “Teddy,” the former President, is studying for a ballet career with Mordkin . . . The current water shortage in New York is said to be due to air cooling plants in buildings, a constant drain on the reservoir . . . The best guess is that we’ll get the 7 or 8-cent fare in about two years after unification. The reason: The amount of relief from high assessments given property owners is beginning to snowball . . . Ward Morehouse and his man Friday, Willy Priory will appeal in Summer stock at Gloucester, Mass. The play is “Secret Service.” They will play Confederate soldiers . . . Salvador Dali and Mlle. Chancel are collabbing on a new Hollywood venture . . . Charles Chaplin is quits with Kyle Crichton over Kyle’s piece in Collier’s. Thinks his confidence was violated.


Producer and songwriter Lew Brown did marry his nurse. In New Jersey on November 24th . . . Dewey’s secret murder case (being withheld until just before election) is an underworld mess, the suspected murderer already being in the lockup—for life! . . . The late John D. Rockefeller’s favorite granddaughter (Marquesa de Cuevas) and her Marquis are the silent backers of the 1940 Masterpieces of Art exhibition at the Fair. They dropped 300 Gs in 1939 on it but will spend triple if necessary to improve it.


Ian Keith, the actor, and Sadri’s restaurant are now divorced. There’s so little work for show girls in New York many are going to South America where the demand is greater. But be careful!. They say that was a terrific fist fight at a Cleveland theater between Milt Herth, the electric organist, and Gertie Nelsen’s pop, who drew a shiner . . . The newly wedded T. Corcorans (Peggy Dowd) of the White House corps are Mooeyhooning in The Laurentian Mts -100 miles north of Quebec – until April 1st . . . . A description of Woolcott’s nervous entrance in the coast production of “Man Who Came to Dinner”—“he looked like a medical student’s joke.” And when he lit his cigarette for the first time on the stage—“It was like two trained butterflies bringing up a match.”


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