Kid Gleason Never Will Countenance Any of Black Sox

Washington Times/August 4, 1921

Can’t Play on Team With Which He Has Dealings, Says Manager

 “Kid” Gleason, manager of the Chicago White Sox, said today that none of the players involved in the world series conspiracy charges would ever play with any club of which he was a manager. Gleason, violent in his denunciation of the men who were acquitted of charges of throwing the world series of 1919, denied that he had fraternized with the defendants in the courtroom at Chicago, where he was a witness.

“Wish them well?” Gleason exclaimed. “Not much!” and he broke into a string of epithets. “I don’t think they’ll ever play in organized baseball again. I know they’ll never play with any club that I manage.”

Gleason said he stood with President Comiskey in his attitude expressed in Chicago today, and indorsed entirely the statement issued by Commissioner Landis. The White Sox players withheld comment, turning to Eddie Collins as their spokesman. Collins said there would be nothing for the players to say unless the baseball authorities took unexpected action.

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