Hoover-Curtis Elected By An Overwhelming Majority

Lewiston Daily Sun/November 7, 1928

East, West and Even Part of Solid South Give Republicans Huge Majorities—Loss of New York Blow to Smith Hopes—Democrats May Win Less Than 100 Electoral Votes—Virginia for Hoover—Smith Leads in Massachusetts

With East and West and even a part of the solid South rolling in majorities for Herbert Hoover, his election to the presidency was conceded today by Chairman Raskob of the Democratic National committee.

Smith Congratulates Hoover

At the same time Gov. Smith made public a congratulatory message to his Republican opponent.

“I congratulate you heartily on your victory,” he said, “and extend to you my sincere good wishes for your health and happiness and for the success of your administration.”

Smith May Have Less Than 100 Votes

The Democratic concession of victory was announced shortly before 1 a.m. At that hour the returns showed Hoover leading in every Easter, Western and border state, except Massachusetts, and in Virginia, Florida and Texas. Should these majorities be sustained until the count is completed, Smith would have less than 100 electoral votes out of a total of 531.

Hoover Takes Governor’s Own State

Although throughout the night Smith had faced the loss of Virginia and Florida, the Democratic crisis gained first importance when Hoover swept out of the upper New York counties with so great a lead that it overrode Smith’s New York city advantage.

Border Group Turns to Hoover

Tennessee and Maryland of the border group after giving encouragement to the Smith forces early last night turned to Hoover and Curtis. Others of the border, West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma rolled up substantial Republican majorities, Missouri alone still showed signs of a close race, Hoovers lead being subject to the great vote of St. Louis.

Massachusetts Still in Doubt

At 3:05 this morning Massachusetts’s returns from 848 precincts out of 1605 gave Hoover 351,729 and Smith 371,250.

A similar situation developed in Massachusetts where Smith began to cut his opponent’s advantage as the Boston vote was tabulated. Rhode Island, where Democrats were optimistic, likewise gave Hoover a slight margin. Elsewhere in New England the Republican majorities held.

The farmer middle West, the Northwest and the Rocky Mountain country returned early Hoover leads as the late closing polls there turned in their ballots.