Hitler Claims to Defend World Against Communism

Ludington Daily News/September 7, 1937

Adolf Hitler stressed Nazi Germany’s solidarity with both Japan and Italy today—against “communist confusion” in East and West.

His annual proclamation, read to the Nazi Congress by Adolf Wagner, Bavarian Nazi leader, also made an emphatic reiteration of Germany’s demand for return of her war-lost colonies, and called the attitude of other powers toward this demand “incomprehensible.”

Bound Together

Italy, Japan and Germany are bound together in a community of interest, he said, for all three are committed to “a defense of world civilization against attacks which break out today in Spain; tomorrow in the Orient; perhaps the day after tomorrow, somewhere else.”

He added:

“The natural community of interests between National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy has in recent months shown itself more and more an element in defense of Europe against chaotic imbecility.

Defends Civilization

“Our (anti-Communist) agreement with Japan serves the same fundamental mission—to stand together in defense of world civilization.”

The crisis now troubling the world, said Der Fuehrer, is no mere controversy of “boundaries between peoples and states, but a question of maintenance or destruction of mankind’s special order and civilization itself.”

Further Attempts

Indirectly, he referred to both the Sino-Japanese and the Spanish conflicts as arising out of further attempts to spread Communist confusion in East and West.

He continued:

“If Germany, like Italy, is able in the midst of these disturbances to stand as a secure and mighty stronghold, then it is only because National Socialism itself has traveled along the road to social revolution without first violently destroying the existing order and thus transforming the basis of our political and cultural life into chaos.”

Hitler admitted frankly that Germany’s chief worry was her food supply. He said:

“A German territory without colonies is too small to guarantee unhampered, certain and continuous nutrition to our people.”

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