Good Times in Store

Lodi Sentinel/November 8, 1928

Now that the country is safe with Hoover as President, we can forget the campaign and buckle down to business. It was a red hot battle, this fight for votes that swept the New York governor into a defeat the like of which set up a new low record. Summed up, it was a case of a candidate talking himself out of a remote chance for election.

California will profit greatly by the election of Hoover. The Californian knows the needs of agriculture, and one of his first official duties will be to recommend some sort of legislation that will lift the farmers out of the depths.

California, too, will benefit from the Hoover administration in that the new President will strengthen the tariff bill.

There will be strict enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act. This means that so far as it is possible to do so, bootleggers and their death-dealing booze will be outlawed. It also means that pure fruit juices, such as obtained from the grape, will be in big demand. whereupon the Great Lodi District will grow and prosper. The Imperial Today and the juicy Zinfandel will be in constant call. Grape concentrates will find a ready market at good prices. Therefore, in this particular part of the Great and Golden State the goose will again occupy its accustomed position on the very top rung.

And the very best part of the whole business is that our friends the Democrats of yesterday will join in the prosperity that is ours. We like that. It is the purpose of the Grand Old Party to insist upon every Bourbon attending the feast of good things that will now come our way.