Fans are Against Letting Black Sox Return to Game

Washington Times/August 4, 1921

 Some Have Good Word to Say for Buck Weaver and Happy Felsch.

Should the accused Black Sox be reinstated in organized baseball?

A reporter, desiring to feel the pulse of the public on the subject this morning, went to one of Chicago’s busiest downtown corners and interviewed passersby. He found:

That the average man in Chicago believes the acquitted players should not be allowed to return to baseball. With an occasional good word for “Buck” Weaver and “Happy” Felsch, whom they term victims of circumstances, they are almost united in opposing reinstatement of the others.

“Believe me, they got off easy,” said a salesman. “The best thing they can do is to retire gracefully. The door to professional baseball should be forever closed to them for the good of the sport.”

This seemed to be the sentiment of most of those interviewed.

(Source: Chronicling America,