Civil War at Tulsa, Okla.

The Toiler (Cleveland)/June 11, 1921

Orgy of Crime Leaves Scores Dead and Hundreds of Burned Homes

America’s weekly race riot between American born Negroes and American and foreign born whites was carried off on schedule time but on a considerable larger scale and with more elaborate trimmings than usual last week.

The moving finger of the American race war moves in planless fashion, now South, now North, now East, now West, leaving behind in letters of blood the story of a cultivated race prejudice which was born in the days when whites held the blacks in slavery; and which has been fanned into burning conflagrations by the sinister teachings of a white capitalist class civilization.

Last week the finger stopped at Tulsa, Oklahoma. There it wrote in blood and fire an indictment of the criminality of “Christian Civilization,” that will stand as a monument to the spirit of Mob Rule as long as the city of Tulsa and its civilization shall stand.
Nearly a hundred dead, 7,000 homeless, 10 blocks of burned Negro homes, a property loss of a million and a half dollars; these with a population debauched by crime, fear and hate stand out as the results of a race war that is becoming more chronic with each passing year.

An accusation of a crime against a white girl by a Negro was the spark that set off the reign of terror at Tulsa. It raged for a day and night before state troops gained control of the situation.

Now Tulsa is seeking to regain its “prestige” by a grand jury investigation, rebuilding the destroyed Negro homes and otherwise cleansing its moral and physical countenance.
But the dead—are dead. Now the finger will move on to fresh killings.