Catholic U. Triumphs in Orange Bowl

Damon Runyon

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/January 2, 1936

Nose Out Mississippi Gridders by Score of 20 to 19

 Adamaitis Stars

 Losers Stage Late Rallies As Summery Heat Tires Washington Team

 MIAMI, Fla., Jan. 1—Surrounded by sunshine and spectators in sport clothes, Catholic University of Washington, D.C. springs a New Year’s football surprise by beating the University of Mississippi, 20 to 19, this afternoon in the second annual battle of the Orange Bowl.

The hitherto almost sure-fire foot of young Bill Richardson fails “Ole Miss” at a critical moment. With a record of 27 out of a possible 29 points from touchdowns, Bill is brought in to do some booting after a Mississippi tally, only to miss the mark.

In the last minute of the game he returns to run his record up to 28 points out of a possible 30, and makes the score uncomfortably close for the Catholics, but the missed point was the one “Ole Miss” will always be yearning for.

Expert Muffs Chance

It is the difference between a tie and a defeat. True Dave Bernard, of “Ole Miss,” also muffs a kick for that valuable extra point, but Dave does not rate as a sharpshooter like Bill Richardson, whose home town is Philadelphia, Miss.

It is a grand victory for Catholic University, which presents today as good a football team as we have witnessed this season with a great football player named William Adamaitis, of Worcester, Mass., as its outstanding star. He makes one of the Catholic touchdowns in person, and he is a wonder on offense and defense all afternoon. Stuart Foley, of Washington, and Ferdinand Rydzewski, of Jersey City, make the other touchdowns.

Dave Bernard, of Baldwyn, Miss., Ned Peters, of Louisville, Miss., and James E. Poole, of Gloster, Miss., are the touchdown-makers for Mississippi. Poole taking a long pass from Herb Baumstein, of Baldwyn, in the last minute to register the tally that brings the boys from Senator Bilbo’s state to within a whisper of the Washingtonians. A cousin of the senator plays in the game, by the way—J.P. Bilbo, of Picayune, Miss.

Heat Bothers Winners

The Catholics get off to a flying start but Mississippi is undoubtedly outplaying them toward the finish. The Washington team fails to make a first down after the early part of the second period. The Washington boys seem to tire in the summery heat that has perhaps 8,000 spectators sitting bare-headed and shirtsleeved.

A youth named Ray Hapes, of Oxford, Miss., is the running marvel of the day, getting away to several spectacular springs. The Catholics’ line stands up well through the first half, but begins to show signs of wear and tear in the second. The Catholics complete just one touchdown pass, but it is the one they need most as subsequent events pass.

Catholic U. has been defeated just once this season in nine games. That was by DePaul, in Chicago, 9 to 6. “Ole Miss” is accounted one of the good teams of the South and has been defeated before today only by Marquette and Tennessee.

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