Broadway Rhythm

Walter Winchell

St. Petersburg Times/August 2, 1945


Faces About Town: Mr. Justice Frank Murphy, vacationing in Manhattan, lifting eyebrows of listeners with : “Any judge can marry people, but no supreme court ustice has that authority . . . Muguel Covarrubias, back from Mexico City, witnesses news broadcasts at WJZ . . . Arleen Whelan of the late show, “Oh, Brother!” getting the “Oh, Sister!” as she ankles by the Henry Hudson hotel . . . Capt, Jack VIctor, after a long session in Nazi war prison camps, at the Stork. He is on a 90-day leave. All prisoners rate 60 days. Jack got a month’s extension to improve his health . . . Harry Stockwell, now of “Marinka,” getting a huge floral wreath premiere night from the cast of “Oklahoma” plus the wordage: “We Mourn Our Loss” . . . The former Countess Salm, nee Millicent Rogers, taking the shots for her trip overseas .. . .. In the Waldorf foyer Lt.. John Roosevelt, USNR, calling to his wife, “Mrs. R, will you please hurry?”

Sallies in Our Alley: Newspapermen were discussing Fritz Mandl’s statement (in Argentina) where he told International News Service reporters: “The American press has done me a lot of harm. Especially Walter Winchell, who keeps throwing dirt on me!” . . . To which Pulitzer Price play winner Sidney Kingsley said: “I wish you could throw some on him for the last time”  . . . George Jessel, whose film “Dolly Sisters” was declared a sensational hit at a coast preview, made a speech in Washington. His biggest laugh followed: “I just passed Washington monument.. What a place for Bilbo to fall off!”

A member of the State Department was in the Cub Room last night and revealed this footnote to future historians—of a great man in a great era. He says it is absolutely authentic . . . During the battle of Britain Mr. Churchill went to the RAF control room, where for hours he watched the fight in the skies until the enemy planes were driven back . . . Returning to 10 Downing Street with Gen. Ismay by motor car, the prime minister sobbed for a long time. It was then that he said “Never in the history of man have so many owed so much to so few.” What was not widely recorded was Churchill’s concluding phrase: “Gen. Ismay, if I can cry, you can cry, too.”

Memos of a Midnighter: Jack Harris will reopen the La Conga next month, but it will be named The London club . . . Princess Hohenlohe after being interned during the war with Hitler (she was one of his friends), is back in Beverly Hills doing a book of her experiences. Including those with Fritz Wiedemann? . . . Russell Patterson has a new word to describe the shafts of Esther Lou Richardson. “They have gamour” . . . The most renowned digest magazine now has over 11-1/2 circulation . . . Mona Maris will become Mrs. Lowman . . . Ricardo Cortez, in town to do a play, has been made fashion editor for the best known mag for men . . . Lisette Verea leaves for the coast this month to do the femme lead in the Marxmen’s “Night in Casablanca” . . . Observation” It’ll be news when a WAC is wire-photo’d walking with her arm around a German civilian..


The Late Watch: Southern newspapers are rooting for the showing of the United Artists film, “The Southerner.” Insiders suspect that Rankin, et al, are behind the drive to ban it . . . Transatlantic calls to men in Europe reached the stage where it now takes three weeks to get the number . . . Doris Mullen, once in the Diamond Horseshoe show, married J. Jensen, an heir to the Sears Roebuck mint . . .Big name comedians will be dealt with harshly in a magazine piece by one of their former gag writers. It will be published in the fall. A bandleader is flirting with bad luck. Too much jailbait . . . The Concord hotel (upstate) is a week-end sport for musical comedy favorites, who do one show at fancy fees A terrific business-getter . . . Street scene you had to witness to appreciate: the three monocle-wearers (with sideburns and pimples) being told that the Stork was too crowded to accommodate more patrons. “The state department will hear about this!” intoned one, walking away . . . Danny Webb won’t renew with his sponsors because they allegedly refuse to send a show to Halloran hospital for vets. Webb entertained GIs for many months abroad . . . Kathryn Cravens, correspondent now in Berlin for a network, writes to Dorothy Ross of 152 W. 42nd Street “Talk about strange sensations. I spotted a list of Americans marked for death by Goebbels, and my name was among them. And what columnist do you think led the list?”


Manhattan Murals: The 1904 Stanley Steamer owned by James Melton giving a helpful push to a broken down cab on Broadway . . . The sign in a Bronx garage: “Gas, Tires and Good Cars (In Okinawa!)” . . . The delicatessen which features a large photo of a GI going into battle overseas, and the explanation: “There goes our best waiter. Please be patient until he gets back” . . . The setting sun tap-dancing through the cables of the Brooklyn bridge at nightfall . . . The Carnegie Hall building where the eighth floor is on the seventh.

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