All Quiet on the American Front

Walter Winchell

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 4, 1940

(Respectfully submitted to Mr. and Mrs. American Public by Walter Winchell, the renowned hysterical alarmist.)

There is criticism of Pearson and Allen because these fearless newspapermen reported that the late Senator Lundeen made pro-Nazi speeches in the Senate They also alleged that Lundeen used speeches inspired by paid Nazi propagandists. I hear that these reporters may be “investigated” . . . At any rate, the Senators who are threatening to investigate Pearson and Allen might better investigate the editors of a Nazi newspaper in New York for its April 4, 1940 issue to check one of its stories . . . Thus, save taxpayers the $25,000 they are using—to probe Pearson and Allen . . . If a story in that issue is true, the late Senator Lundeen’s “good name” has not been maliciously defamed . . .But since the source is a pro-Nazi rag, we can presume the editors know pro-Nazis when they meet them.

When the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of Germany came here (in the same part that brought Dr. Westrick) a dinner was given in his honor by the Board of Trade for German-American Commerce of N.Y. The affair was held at the Waldorf-Astoria on March 20th, 1940, at which 600 people, “including many Americans of non-German stock” (According to the same article) gave the Nazi salute when the orchestra struck up the Horst Wessel song . . .Senator Lundeen was the featured speaker and, according to the same article), pledged himself to act as a friend of the German people and as an opponent of new fangled internationalism as long as he was a member of the Senate”

The source for that Lundeen story was the April 4, 1940 issue (Vol. 5, No. 41, Page 7) of The German-American Bund’s official newspaper in Yorkville.

Hate spreaders know children are impressionable and naïve; so they infect them young. Frixample: The Fascist Blackshirt cells in N.J. teach children to recite this anti-Americanism: “When I grow up, when, at least, I am a soldier, I shall fight for Italy, my Fatherland, and I shall win. I shall take from the enemies flags and prisoners, and I shall earn many medals of valor” . . . That is what is being drummed into the heads of American children in many sections of the Y.S.A., according to the Sept. 20th Congressional Record and that hysterical alarmist Cong. Minton of Indiana.

A few weeks ago the State Department announced that any foreign diplomat in the U.S. who interferes with our internal affairs will be considered persona non grata . . . Il Mundo, the American Patriotic Italian language magazine, alleged that New York Italian Consul Vecchiotti is taking a very active part in the Presidential campaign . . . So what, Mr. Secretary of State Hull?

Another favorite hunk of bunk dished out by the Nazis is that they never interfere with foreign governments . . . But in Berlin there is a Ribbentrop bureau. Its job is to collect data on foreign nations and its leading statesmen and citizens. The habits, passions, vices, love-life and other personal information about the men and women who influence statesmen, newspapers and opinions, etc. They also train special agents (men and women) for 5th Col’m work in high circles of International society . . . This comes from the hysterical alarmist Survey Graphic magazine for October.

In every country not controlled by Germany is an organization trained for their work in Berlin. They are known as The Stuetzpunkte, which we shall call The Punks for short. Its members are smuggled into a nation, usually by Nazi diplomats. Their job is to inhabit innocent looking houses, stores and private residents, near such strategic places as utility plants, airdromes, gas and water mains, etc. During peace times Punks use their places as hideouts for agents When trouble comes they proceed with their sabotage . . . That should wake up the hysterically blind.

Memo to Americans who think 5th Column Exposes are hysterical and silly: Because of the spotlight antidott Dr. Westrick was forced to leave the U.S. . . .Tex Rieber, an important business executive was forced to resign and quit playing ball with Nazis . . . Jose M. Mayorga and others who were blinded by the expose-spotlight had to resign their big jobs . . .Yes sir. The best way to put that mob on the spot is to put them in the spotlight.

The Boy Scouts of America stand for Liberty, Tolerance and everything else typical of true Americanism. But Scout executives apparently are getting careless about whom they permit to address those youthful Americans . . . Recently in the Pocono Mountains (Penn.) a man made a speech before a group of scouts there. That man criticized Democracy. Of course the Scouts had no idea what that man stood for. He is Robert Edward Edmondson, exposed by the New York newspapers for being a hate-spreader. Some of the propaganda paper-bullets  he distributes are listed by Weltdienst, an official Nazi news service, as “must” reading . . . In fact, he left the state of N.Y. after his publications got him into trouble with Mayor LaGuardia.

American patriots are hereby warned that a pro-Nazi sheet edited by Charles B. Hudson called “America in Danger” is attempting to organize 50,000 Mothers to march to Washington to “impeach” FDR. Ex-Fugitive Pelley approves his rag. Incidentally, whatever became of the jail sentence given Pelley many months ago which he hasn’t served? . . . And isn’t Hudson the Omaha jerque who looked so scared in that famed news-photo—snatching a glass of “poisoned” water from General Van Horn Moseley’s ruby lips?

Dr. Frederick E. Auhagen, who was arrested by West Coasters Tuesday (as he was fleeing from the U.S. for Germany via Japan) is no stranger to Congressman Jacob Thorkelson of Montana . . . Thorkelson was recently defeated for re-nomination, so you can breathe easier . . .However, a few months ago Dr. Auhagen’s “American Fellowship Forum” (some title, huh?) had advertised a dinner in honor of Congressman Thorkelson to be held at the Hotel Abbey, New York City . . . All of a sudden it vanss canzelled . . .Yah, it vahss! . . . Undt vy vahss diss? . . .Becoz dot Veenchill undt udder no-good noozepaypah-mans put it in de paypahs! Ach!

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