About the Archive

The Archive of American Journalism is a new digital collection of the long-neglected, hard-to-find works of major American journalists. This innovative resource presents all articles with their original titles, complete and unedited. The complete catalogue can be accessed from our home page at http://www.historicjournalism.com.

Each page of the site is dedicated to a single author, theme, or event; articles are presented in chronological order, for the use of students, teachers, historians and casual readers. With an article title or date, users can access the non-fiction work of our authors within seconds. Limited time that would be wasted on inaccurate search engines, unwieldy indexes and unhelpful “metadata” can instead be spent reading, studying and enjoying the original texts.

We are also preparing useful article collections around important historical themes and events. Our first “Reporting” page, covering the Tulsa riots of 1921, went live in March, 2017, and can be accessed here or through the site’s home page. Future topics include the Black Sox scandal, the transcontinental railroad, the rise of fascism in Europe, and the Spanish-American War.

The Archive has published five historic journalism collections, now available at a discounted price through The Archive Bookstore.

Nellie Bly. Undercover: Reporting for the New York World 

Theodore Roosevelt. Wilderness, Volume I

Lincoln Steffens. The System

Richard Harding Davis. The Great War Reporter

Mark Twain. In Nevada

Our future titles include collections by Stephen Crane, Ernest Hemingway, Ambrose Bierce, Ray Stannard Baker, Henry Stanley, H.L. Mencken, Ida Tarbell, Mark Twain, and Jack London.

When completed, our article database will include the complete journalism of thirteen first-rank American authors, with each article available for easy download, copying and use as a WordPress page. This comprehensive gathering of historical journalism has never been attempted, online or in any other form.

These collections represent a rich trove of fascinating, little-known pieces, many of which have never been reproduced in any form since their original publication. The Archive will surprise and delight fans of history, literature and journalism, and bring a modern audience back to the joys of original text.


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