A Reporter’s Report to the Nation

Walter Winchell

St. Petersburg Times/July 3, 1945

Any Justice Dep’t official who is anxious to quash the sedition indictments should absorb Prosecutor O. John Rogge’s brilliant address to the jury at the start of the sedition trial. Rogge said in part: “The defendants maintained direct contact with Nazi officials here and in Germany.” He added: “They all agreed on what the object was which they were to accomplish, and that was to destroy our form of government with the aid of the armed forces and set up a fascist or Nazi form of government.”

In the face of such damning and serious charges—how can the Justice Dep’t even think of dropping the sedition case? How can they allow such dangerous rabble-rousers to go free without a trial? How can they ignore their sworn oath to defend our Constitution against trouble-makers from within and without? How can they ignore their duties as public servants and patriotic citizens? How can they sleep nights?

Gerald Lucifer Kodfish Smith never ceased beating a drum in the rabble-rousing parade. Smith once offered to recruit a private army for convicted seditionist William Pelley. His rag is now filled with threats of violence in America, and he claims that he is prepared to deal with it. Obviously, this is a broad hint that Smith already has a strong-arm squad or a private army—or he is planning to organize such groups.

Every trouble-maker is equipped with galling hypocrisy. Ex-Sen. Reynolds publishes a sheet which claims that Reynolds upholds racial tolerance. At the same time he works with Joe McWilliams—a confessed hate-spreader. It is well to remember that not all rabble-rousers are fools—but they are all trying to fool you.

Joe McWilliams, discovered peddling fascism in Ohio, is reported to be introduced by ex-Sen. Robert Reynolds. Who is Reynolds? Well, when he got the chairmanship of the U. S. Senate Military Affairs Committee. Dorothy Thompson said that it was worth another army to Hitler.

The curious dilly-dallying by the forces of law and order has benefited goon-gangs. Subversive wolves are treated like Red Riding Hood. The case of Joe Kamp illustrates our point: Our subscribers are familiar with Kamp’s sordid record. His outfit was named as a channel for Axis propaganda via the initial sedition indictment. On Dec. 21, 1944, Kamp was indicted on contempt charges for refusing to furnish a Congressional committee with the names of his outfit’s financial supporters. Thus far the indictment has been gathering dust. Why has it been forgotten? Kamp poses as a “respectable” writer and denies any link with the lunatic fringe. However, the November, 1940, edition of the official Ku Klucks Klan rag ran an article under Kamp’s by-line.

Among the Nazi propaganda polluting America is a mag published by the Argentinazi regime which boosts the Pampan Hitlers. The State Dep’t allows this mag to be distributed in America. But the SD incited the arrest of American newspapermen who used their Constitutional right to disagree with its policies!

It has been revealed that a Bundist named Ernest F. Elmhurst (indicted as a seditionist) has spawned a new outfit in New York. The fact that this soandso can now carry on his activities with impunity is an insult to everything our soldiers are fighting and dying for. They are giving their lives, limbs and eyes to preserve liberty—and a scourge like Elmhurst has an opportunity to live safely in N. Y. and abuse that liberty. Not only is this Elmhurst indicted as a seditionist and Bundist—but before the war he went to Germany and learned at first-hand how the Nazis came to power!

Filipinos call Col. Andres Soriano of Gen. MacArthur’s staff a Franco supporter. Soriano is quoted by a N. Y. paper as admitting supporting Franco because he believes “in the establishment of peace and order in Spain.”

It was the Franco crowd that ended peace and order in Spain by overthrowing the duly elected gov’t.

Incidentally, the Falange, which is forever, yelling about the lawlessness of the Reds, practices what it accuses these Reds of preaching: The overthrow of gov’t by violence.

The Nazi-Fascist military machine has been junked. But pro-Axis gangs here running on Trojan Horse-power have shifted into high. Swastikians have dusted off their soap-boxes and are in the midst of a rabble-rousing spree more brazen and arrogant than ever. Recently, a punk tagged Domenico Trombetta was released from an internment camp. Trombetta was often seared by this reporter’s spotlight. He was the Doochay of “The Fascist League of America.” He published the usual blackshirt blah-blah. Trombetta is an avowed fascist—meaning he is pro-Axis. He was interned because he was considered a danger to our war effort. We are still at war with one member of the Axis, but fascist Trombetta is free to continue his anti-American activities. Dammit, it is about time we made certain that American soldiers do not fight and die to turn American street corners into fascist bases of operations!

The other day front pages relayed the news that a Senate Committee possessed evidence proving Germanazi industrialists are plotting to provoke another world war. Those revelations merit the widest circulation. But this newsboy and others have been exposing the nefarious activities of Nazi money-bags for many years. It is well known Germanazi industrial power is based on their cartels. Nevertheless, Congress hasn’t passed laws which would destroy cartel branches in America. And Allied diplomats have met the problem of punishing Nazi industrialists with a significant hush.

Less than two months ago Germany was trounced on the battle-field. But that hasn’t prevented Nazi cartels from winning an economic battle against America. Reports have it that Germanazi optical firms with cartel connections in this country have resumed work. If allowed to continue their work 17,000 American optical workers will lose their jobs. In other words, the Nazis who lost the war can deprive Americans of jobs after we won the war.

This would be a united nation if all the Americans who admire Gen. Eisenhower would admire his point of view.

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