Democrats at Work

H.L. Mencken

Baltimore Morning Herald/March 3, 1899

Campaign Committee Explaining Their Plans in the Different Wards.

At the meeting of the Democratic campaign committee yesterday the members arranged to visit singly and in pairs the different wards in the city and explain to the Democrats the plans of the committee as to registration and the primaries. The wards visited last night were the Sixth, Twelfth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-third. Dr. Schwatka was assigned to the Sixth, Mr. Gorter to the Twelfth, Mr. Porter to the Sixteenth, Mr. Williams to the Seventeenth, Mr. Denny to the Nineteenth, Mr. Warfield to the Twentieth and Dr. Burch to the Twenty-third.

Tonight Mr. Field will got to the Seventh, Messrs. Williams and Schwatka to the Tenth, Messrs. Gorter and Porter to the Thirteenth and Mr. Denny to the Fifteenth.

In his address to the Democrats in the Twelfth ward Mr. Gorter explained the plans which the committee has recommended for the management of the coming primary election. W. L. Hewes, president of the ward, presided. The grouping of the precincts and the selection of polling places were the subjects of considerable discussion. Ass the ward is one of the largest in the city, the fact that there will be only four polling places in it makes their location a matter demanding careful attention.

An enthusiastic and well-attended meeting of Seventeenth ward Democrats was held last night at Berry’s Hall, 15 Union avenue, Woodberry. Plans for the coming campaign were presented and discussed, and a preliminary organization was effected. Addresses were made by William T. Porter, of the Committee of Seven, and several prominent Democrats of Woodberry.

The delegates of the various precinct advisory boards of the Sixth ward met last night at the Phoenix Democratic Club, O’Donnel and Patuxent streets, to arrange for the conduct of the coming primaries. Joseph L. Farnen presided, and William H. E. Chase was secretary.


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