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H.L. Mencken

Baltimore Morning Herald/March 2, 1899

Latest News From the Field of Athletics

Meeting Of Wheelmen

Cycle Path Association Organized with a Capital of $5,000—Will Build a Road Between Baltimore and Washington.

An enthusiastic mass-meeting of wheelmen interested in the proposed Washington-Baltimore cycle path was held last night at the Maryland Bicycle Club, Mount Royal terrace. Conway W. Sams presided and Samuel M. Warns was secretary.

The object of the meeting was to effect a permanent organization for the establishment and maintenance of up-to-date cycle paths in the vicinity of Baltimore. A stock company, to be known as the Maryland Cycle Path Association, was formed, with a capital stock of $5,000. This is divided into shares of $1 each, most of which were taken by the wheelmen present in blocks of from one to 50.

A constitution and by-laws were adopted and the following officers were elected: President, R. W. Graves: Vice-president, Henry V. Casey; secretary, F. Howard Harvey: treasurer, Samuel M. Warns: executive committee, Henry B. Gwynn, Albert T. Pfefferkorn, William J. Unverzagt, William H. Powell, J. J. McElroy, John H. Robinette and Edward C. Wollman.

The executive committee was given authority to increase the capital stock whenever, in their judgment, such action may be advisable. It is the intention of the association to push the work of building the paths with all possible vigor, especially the Baltimore-Washington path as at present there is no satisfactory road for wheelmen between the Capital and this city. 


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