Fascism Continues Under JFK

Westbrook Pegler

El Paso Herald/March 29, 1961

NEW YORK — Supposing that the John Birch Society is of fascist character, how could the Democratic Party and its ragtag adherents object to it on that ground? I ask this rhetorical question to get at the fact that the Democratic Party under Roosevelt actually introduced fascism early in the New Deal with special reference to the National Recovery Administration under the silly sign of the Blue Eagle. And that Fascism continues in the Kennedy Administration under the authority of the unions.

The Democrats never have been able to govern according to the Constitution. Wilson had to have “war powers” and soon after Roosevelt took the chair in 1933 we began to get straight fascism from him and his wife.

Some publishers also went loco and stepped out in the hysterical NRA parades, the gaudiest of all being held along Fifth Avenue in New York. They were so scared of the crowd sounds of a few malcontents whipped up by the Communists that they repudiated reason and tried to solve a political problem by emotional frenzy.

Again I hear the mutter, “There he goes on Roosevelt again” but I still remind you that this year we are celebrating the centenary of the Civil War and substituting surmise and guess for fact in wide swipes of that ugly panorama simply because in those postwar days as in these people got sick of the subject. Thus they wiped out great areas of historic truth by refusing to tolerate recitals of undisclosed facts.

I have the least possible traffic with educators but I take it for granted that none of the high school and college classes of the last 15 years got even a smattering of the reality of fascism in the United States according to F D Roosevelt.

Eighty-five years hence library moles will be pounding out inaccurate histories of the first and second New Deals and the union rackets which were Roosevelt’s version of Hitler’s brown shirts.

These terrorists whipped through the streets of Detroit and Flint in command cars wearing brassards and fore-and-aft caps adapted from the American Legion and there are miles of old film in the cans showing them kicking American workers to bloody pulp under the eyes of the police and even the Michigan National Guard to make them join unions.

Walter and Victor Reuther were field officers of one of these insurrectionary armies in a war against a rival faction and the fighting in the streets bore a strong resemblance to the tumult in Berlin in 1913 and 1919 when the Communists almost delivered Germany to Soviet Russia.

We never did get rid of this fascism or preferably Nazism which was a telescoped version of the phrase national socialism. Our people were delivered by the million into the compounds of the chartered unions, all political adjuncts of Roosevelt’s party.

Ever since as union subjects they had to pay financial tribute to Roosevelt’s party and submit to union laws, constitutions and improvised regulations and discipline which completely revoke rights and privileges guaranteed by the U S Constitution and the public laws. They had to buy many of their jobs from Democratic goons, the foulest scum in the country.

In some unions the jobs actually belonged to the local union executives as property. They were merely leased to the individual workers on a royalty system.

There are no Republican unions, although Dewey and Willkie crawled to the potentates.

There is not one union constitution in the country that defers to the Federal Constitution. The rackets all have their own courts and criminal codes that penalize the Faceless Man for conduct which he has a right to do under federal and state law.

President Kennedy has known all this for a dozen years. But he fought like a badger and with jubilant success to prevent Barry Goldwater and the lethargic Karl Mundt Republicans both from forcing reforms in the House. Kennedy was a member of the Committee on Education and Labor, heavily infested by the way with union parasites who had been elected to Congress by this American fascism. And of course in the Senate hearings he and his brother Bobby ran interference for Reuther and Carey of the electricians.


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