Spanish Influenza More Deadly Than War

Buffalo Enquirer/December 16, 1918


Said That Epidemic Cost More Lives Than American Loss in Battle.

Danger Not Over. Great Care Necessary To Prevent Further Outbreak.

The appalling ravages of Spanish influenza in this country are perhaps best realized by the statement recently made, that more deaths have resulted in little more than a month from this disease than through our whole eighteen months’ participation in the battles of the European war.

Our greatest danger now, declare authorities, is the great American tendency to forget easily and so believe the peril is over. Competent authorities claim the coming of cold weather is very apt to bring a return of this disease and there should be no let-up throughout the winter months of the following easily observed precautions, remembering that influenza is far easier to prevent than cure.

Influenza is a crowd disease. Avoid crowds as much as possible. Influenza germs spread when ignorant or careless persons sneeze or cough without using a handkerchief. Cover up each cough or sneeze. Do not spit on the floor, sidewalk, in street cars or public places. Avoid the use of common drinking cups and roller towels in public places. Breathe some reliable germicidal and antiseptic air to destroy the germs that do find lodgement in your nose and throat.

Remember, no safer precaution against influenza could be employed in this manner than to get from the nearest drug store a complete Hyomei Outfit consisting of a bottle of the Pure oil of Hyomei and a little vest-pocket hard rubber inhaling device, into which a few drops of the oil are poured. Yon should carry this inhaler about with you during the day and each half hour or so put it in your month and draw deep breaths of its pure, healing germ killing air into the passages of your nose, throat and lungs.

By destroying germs before they actually begin work in your blood, yon may make yourself practically immune to infection.

All these suggestions about Spanish influenza are equally true in the prevention of colds, catarrh of nose and throat, bronchitis and even pneumonia. Don’t become careless. Do your part. Keep the germs away. You may save yourself a serious illness and the loss of several weeks’ work. Heegaard-Sloan Drug Co.



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