Big Ban Boils in Bathroom While Frazee Flails Min

Damon Runyon

Buffalo Courier/January 15, 1921


Damon Runyon Spins Yarn That Has Baseball Bugs Laughing

Chicago, ILL., Jan. 14. This is sad tale of how Ran Johnson, stout and dignified president of the the American league, was kept a prisoner in a bathroom in the Congress Hotel by Harry Frazee, Red Sox magnate, for an hour and a half last night.

Ran Johnson was calling on his old friend Garry Herrmann, president of the Cincinnati Reds, at the Congress Hotel. As. Mr. Frazee came ringing along the corridors inquiring for Garry and as Ban and Garry are not on the best terms, the fat ex-boss of the American league retired to the bathroom to wait until Harry had paid his respects to Garry.

Frazee Free With Talk

It seems that Frazee had a lot to say and it developed too that much of what he said was about Ban. The latter recently intimated that Harry would have to get out of his league and Harry’s written reply is historic. Harry wanted to tell Garry his opinion of Ban, because the Cincinnati magnate is a sort of receptacle for baseball opinions in general.

Thus Ban had to listen to everything Garry thought of him. Garry’s bath was not large and the steam was turned on. Between the steam and Harry’s remarks, Mr. Johnson was well heated up before the Boston owner had exhausted himself and retired. it was quite an evening. They now call him “Bathroom Ban.”




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