Bitter Commentary

Westbrook Pegler

St. Louis Globe Democrat/July 13, 1960

LOS ANGELES.–The lunatic American way of permitting unofficial mobs of political racketeers to choose candidates for president every four years suddenly became fearsome as gaping bunches of bewildered strangers converged on the Democratic national convention for 1960.

Suddenly it should be seen, although it will not be, that it makes not the slightest difference whether one Democrat or the other be chosen, or whether he or Nixon will be elected in November.

It is plainly too late for any nominee, any president who is elected in 1960 to repair the damage done by Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.

This has been a great disaster. The basic principle of the American concept of government, the principle of independent nationality, was abandoned, destroyed, repudiated by a mouthy aggregation of selfish and irresponsible faddists, who revived the, who revived the brotherhood idea of Nations with such ferocity that any honest patriot ran a risk of obliteration as a bigot for attempting to preach and practice patriotism. Now the United States wheedles for weakling allies against Russia.

The fools, who now bray the names of Kennedy, Johnson and Symington in the traditional idiocies of a typical Democratic convention, are a terribly mocking order. Their innocent stupidity is a cause for patriotic alarm at least. They babble excitedly. They have been shoving in witless mobs around the changeless old Biltmore Hotel; batches of them cling to pickup trucks mounting loudspeakers and festooned with carnival banners. They snake dance.

But they have neither the intelligence nor the responsibility to qualify as official witnesses to the setting of a glorious sun.

The same newspapers that announce momentary changes in the speculations of the bosses also carried, but almost as asides, the inevitable threat by Khrushchev to plant rocket bases in Cuba from which to destroy the “heartland” of Roosevelt’s country which rescued Russia from her enemies on the west and east only 15 years ago.

The news that Mexico, with her rankling grudges and her very recent history of wild class revolutions, might send oil to Cuba for treatment in confiscated American refineries made no more impression on these camels than, say, the student body of Sing Sing prison.

There is no sign of any realization here that this might mean the end of a great nation which began with ideals and developed mighty integrity, respected all over the world. Regardless of personality and party, with the brilliant exception of Barry Goldwater, the Democrats and Nixon offered no conceivable hope of a moral authority and leadership which could stop the decline.

Jack Kennedy had curled his arm over the shoulder of Walter Reuther, noted for the gory brutality of the Auto Workers’ insurrection and the closing line of the letter which he and his brother admittedly wrote from blood-red Russia, “carry on the fight for a Soviet America!” The shape of that line has been faintly repudiated, but J. B. Matthews, who testified that he held and read the original, maintains the version which is entered in the records of the Dies Committee.

Kennedy thought President Eisenhower should apologize to Khrushchev for the flight of the U-2, too stupid to know or to admit that Moscow, on her own account and through a hundred thousand American traitors and the embassies of her satellites, has waged secret war against own country.

He is no worse than Stevenson, however. Kennedy would extend to Red China the same disastrous favor of diplomatic relations and commerce which Roosevelt granted to Stalin in 1933, the signal for Russia’s rise and our own decline to such ignominious weakness that Castro invites Moscow to establish an outpost there. So, also, would Stevenson and a Congress composed of both parties two years hence.

Not even the delegates themselves, perhaps only a few of the bosses who run these things, clearly understand that all such conventions have no legal status.




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