More Changes are Outlined by Mussolini

Sarasota Herald-Tribune/September 15, 1929

Premier of Italy Tells His Party Details Of His Reorganization

 Further changes in the Fascist dictatorship of Italy, following close on the sweeping reorganization of the cabinet, were outlined today by Premier Benito Mussolini in a speech to the grand assembly of the party in the Venezia Palace.

Although in the cabinet shakeup Mussolini retained only the interior portfolio of the eight cabinet posts he had occupied, he disclosed today that the composition of the Fascist grand council is to be modified to concentrate all powers in the hands of a few. He said that with the present 52 members of the council it was impossible to discuss or decide anything in secret. The general staff of the party will therefore be reduced to a minimum.

The premier, while denying that the Fascist party was to be suppressed as a political unit, announced that it would become an organ of the state. The secretary of the party henceforth will be appointed by royal decree and the federal secretaries by decrees of the premier.

Mussolini gave the strength of the Fascist party on September 7, 1929, at 1,020,000 registered male members, 93,495 women besides thousands of boys and girls in organized groups. (The population of Italy is about 40,000,000.)

The 800 members of the assembly composing the upper hierarchy of the party heard him review the work of the Fascist government and dwell at length on the relations between church and state. He minimized certain differences of views between Rome and the Vatican but emphasized that the change in the name of the ministry of public instruction to the ministry of national education was intended to confirm in the most explicit manner that the state alone has not only the right, but the duty, to educate people instead of merely instructing them.

(Source: Google News,,218258)


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