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Richard Harding Davis

The Great War Reporter

ISBN: 978-0-9907137-4-6/List Price: $24.95/Online Price: $19.95

The well-traveled and photogenic Richard Harding Davis represented all that was edgy and glamorous about the new breed of American journalist: foreign correspondent. Fearlessly tramping by rail, road and horseback to the front lines of the “Great War,” he sent back colorful dispatches on the murderous trench warfare in France, shocking German atrocities in Belgium, and the convoluted fighting in the Balkan mountains, where tribal loyalties and murky national rivalries created a confusing strategic chessboard. Davis ran serious risks to his life and freedom; on one nearly fatal day he was arrested by the Germans as a British spy, and managed to turn the incident into one of the most famous newspaper stories of the entire war.  The Great War Reporter: Journalism 1914 – 1916 is the first compilation of Davis’ reporting in history, a publishing landmark that will help students, historians and casual readers understand the most important single event of the 20th century.


2 thoughts on “New books from The Archive

    • David:

      Thanks for your encouraging words. I’ve got a lot planned for next year. We’re putting out five “Reporting” books, that collect interesting contemporary newspaper and magazine articles around important events. The first volume is on the the Tulsa riots of 1921, and will be on sale next month. In 2018 we’ll also be doing the 1918 armistice, the Palmer Raids, the Black Sox scandal, and the sinking of the Titanic.

      These books will help students and historians with useful thematic historic journalism collections, sparing them endless, frustrating searching on the Internet for relevant primary source material on events and topics they’re researching.

      We’re continuing also with our ongoing work of bringing the collected journalism of our 13 major authors to the site, as well as more columns from Winchell, Runyon, and Pegler. The home page will be redesigned to bring the books into more prominent focus, while keeping the links to historically relevant articles. Our goal is to build a unique historic journalism library–one not yet achieved anywhere, in print or online.

      Please keep in touch, feedback and suggestions are always appreciated

      Tom Streissguth


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